Design bureau «Projects» was established in 2008 by a group of experienced professionals. Go to contacts

Our team

We develop and implement original design projects of various scope and styles from those for small size apartments to the ones for big country-houses, as well as for offices, hotels and restaurants.

We have the experience of doing projects in Russia, but also in France, Switzerland, Crete.

Interior design work goes through several stages: development of the concept and sketches, architectural and engineering project, design project.

These are followed by construction work, production and delivery of interior design elements : furniture, fabrics, accessories.

We maintain the control and management of the project all the way through the construction process.

We also select art objects and accessories for existing interiors and consult on interior design.

We love our work, our clients, we greatly enjoy the creative process we are involved in. Our ultimate goal is to help to create the optimal space for life and for work responding to our client's needs.